Green Gym Day @ Fort Tryon Park On Sunday, June 9th

Green Gym Day @ Fort Tryon Park

Green Gym Day is based on a simple philosophy: parks and other outdoor spaces offer you fun opportunities to be physically active while giving you extra health benefits of being outdoors in nature. Right outside your door are great places to feel free and move your body in ways that aren’t necessarily “exercise”—from walking to playing catch—in your own “green gym.”  Join the wave of people who have discovered how good it feels to be more active and to get outdoors. Green Gym Day documents scheduled activities for June 9th, 2013, all over the world. Or do your own thing if you prefer… from taking a walk or jog to playing catch or ping-pong. Register your activity and send us an image or video clip so we can include you in our video celebrating the day.

The video will be the inspiring documentation that will motivate people for next year’s Green Gym Day. So, whether you create your own special activity for the day, or plug into an already scheduled activity, be sure to send us images of the activities for the video, taken in your “green gym.”

We know that getting out and being active one day a year won’t make that much difference, but hopefully people will like it so much they will do it again… and invite others. Our goal in creating and sending the video out through social media channels is to help plant the idea everywhere so that people will be going outdoors and moving around more, making every day “green gym day.”


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