Uptown Talk: Humorist Felipe Galindo blends the cultures of Mexico & Manhattan in his artwork | NY Daily News

The Washington Heights-based Galindo’s works will be on display in ‘Manhatitlan: Mexican and American Cultures Intertwined’ at the Gallery at the City College of New York

BY Clem Richardson

Felipe Galindo - Washington Heights

Artist/humorist Felipe (Feggo) Galindo displays one of his works in his Washington Heights studio. (Photo: Richard Harbus | NY Daily News)

Unlike a lot of artists, you won’t find Felipe (Feggo) Galindo Gomez agonizing over a blank canvas in his Washington Heights studio, wondering what he will draw.

One reason is that Galindo — he goes by that name but signs his work Feggo — has a library of ideas stored in a collection of sketch books he’s kept over the years, ideas he found while walking around the city.

The second reason is that the humorist — whose work has been published in The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Mad Magazine and the International Herald Tribune to name a very few — gets his ideas from the the city he has called home for more than 30 years.

“I know other cartoonists who begin by staring at the blank page,” he said. “I’m the opposite. I have to be outside, on the subway, walking. If I see something, it might spark an idea. I always carry a sketch book or a notebook and I write it down. Then I come to my studio and I start doing the sketch and drawing.

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