Rich Perez – Preaching the Gospel Uptown

Rich Perez - Christ Crucified Fellowship

Check out the video below on Rich Perez, who is the lead pastor of Christ Crucified Fellowship and his efforts to make the gospel of Jesus Christ relevant to the lives of the people of Washington Heights and Inwood.

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  • Moises Alejandro Lacrespeaux
    September 28, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    Much love Pastor Rich, love your ministry and the your passion for leading people unto Christ Jesus. I myself am a disciple of Christ. Dominican born but raised in the streets of Flatbush Brooklyn. Now I reside in Jacksonville Florida where I am constantly engaging in prayer with people I bump into in the streets hoping that the Spirit of God would move within them. I am working on my own ministry but I lack wisdom. Maybe you can lead me, teach me or advise me in which way I should go. Even though I live on the Bible belt of the south people are very ignorant to the word and twist it to their own convenience and many times feel that I am being judgemental in my approach. Well leaving you in the blessings of our Lord and keeping you in my prayers. Moises Lacrespeaux