The UP Theater Company Is Auditioning For An Actor For Their Latest Production

The UP Theater Company is looking for an experienced actor who can play young (teens) but has the chops to carry the piece. The role is of a street smart Dominican kid, born in NYC, with a touch of Hip-Hop and a lot of pubescent energy. He can rattle off some Spanish but English is his first language. It is UP’s mission to use as many UPtown actors as possible. Please send headshots, resumes and questions to [email protected] – auditions on Friday.

UP Theater Company is dedicated to presenting new and challenging works of drama and comedy relevant to our Uptown neighborhood. UP will not be afraid to be gritty, rambunctious and irreverent. UP will be for and by the community, taking advantage of the many theater artists who live among us; yet we also envision a theater that will be a destination for theatergoers from all across the area, drawn by work of quality and passion.

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