Here & There @ Word Up Tonight: Travel Readings ft Led Black, Lola Koundakian, Iskandar Andrews, and Veronica Liu.

Photo Credit: Briana E. Heard

Here & There: Travel Readings ft Led Black, Lola Koundakian, Iskandar Andrews, and Veronica Liu.

Tonight at 7 PM

4157 Broadway @ 176 Street

7-7-7 is quite an auspicious number and therefore a great date to take a jaunt to faraway lands. Tonight, July 7th at 7 pm is shaping up to be a big night at Word Up (4157 Broadway @ 176 Street). The Uptown Collective’s Editor-in-Chief, Led Black, will be reading from his unpublished piece of Travel Writing, DR Travelogue. DR Travelogue is a native son’s poignant and hilarious journey to the heart, soul and soil of the Dominican Republic. Poet Lola Koundakjian, a 2011 NoMAA grantee, will be reading a selection of travel pieces – some real, some imaginary – with a sprinkling of poems about food and drinks. Iskandar Andrews will read from Drinking and Driving in Urumqi, a serio-comic travelogue/meditation recounting immersive misadventures and multiple baptisms by culture shock, linguistic overload, and corn vodka into the diverse culture of the city of Urumqi, Xinjiang Province, Peoples Republic of China. Veronica Liu will read from her novel Your Chinese Tea is Getting Cold! Come to Word Up tonight and take a journey around the globe.

Vantage Residential, the good folks who have provided the space for this community-affirming space, will also be making a major announcement on how long of an extension they will be providing the venue today…so stay tuned.

Click here for more awesome DR pics from the incomparable Briana E. Heard.

Word Up
a community bookshop in Northern Manhattan
4157 Broadway @ 176 Street
June 17 – July 14, 2011
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