Word Up Community Book Store Grand Opening Tonight

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Word Up Pop Up Book Shop – Grand Opening

Friday June 17th 6 PM

4157 Broadway near 175th Street

Like I have said many times before, the future is ours to shape. There is no such thing as impossible. The only limits that exist are only in our individual and collective imaginations. If there is something that is missing from this neighborhood, then it becomes our job to fill that void. In that spirit, Veronica Liu in talks with the good folks at NOMAA decided to put an end to the lack of book stores in the neighborhood by coming up with “Word Up”, a community bookstore that will be hosted out of the a vacant store from June 17th to July 14th. Vantage Residential is providing the space at 4157 Broadway, right off the corner of 175th Street, with substantial support from NOMAA. Fractious Press and Seven Stories Institute are behind the logistics of it all. That is where you come in. Your job is to patronize, support and spread the word of this endeavor. Volunteers are needed as well so if you have sometime to spare please do your part. This bookstore belongs to us all and could possibly become a fixture on the Uptown scene if we, and only we, make it happen. Let’s do it – Word Up!

For more info: www.wordupbooks.com

To volunteer: info@fractiouspress.com

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