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As a small business owner in Northern Manhattan and the associate publisher of the Manhattan Times, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked questions like these:

  • Do you know a good (Web designer/graphic artist/day care center/accountant/office cleaner/etc.)?
  • How do I start/incorporate my business?
  • Where can I host a meeting?
  • How can I save money on my utilities?
  • I hate going to the Post Office – where can I get an affordable P.O. Box?
  • Where can I find temporary employees?
  • You can get insurance for that?
  • What does the Chamber of Commerce do?
  • Where can I get a deal on __________?

When I’m asked these questions, I try to steer people to local businesses for answers. The best customer for a local business is often another local business and the more we do business with each other, the stronger our local economy becomes.

As the number of businesses in Northern Manhattan continues to grow there are more services being provided to local entrepreneurs, more solutions to challenges that we all face.

To continue identifying who the local small businesses are and connecting them to each other, the Manhattan Times is working with our partners to host a Small Business Fair on Wed., March 16. The fair runs from 8:30 a.m. to noon, with a welcome program at 9 a.m. Admission is free to local businesses.

The fair will be hosted at the Inwood Center, owned and operated by Edison Properties, which offers Workspace and Manhattan Mini Storage in the building. The Washington Heights – Inwood Chamber of Commerce is also partnering with the Manhattan Times to help spread the word about the fair and grow our business community.

First and foremost, the fair will continue to inventory who our local businesses are. We are particularly interested in meeting those hard-to-find entrepreneurs who are running businesses from their living rooms and local coffee shops. The fair will also provide the opportunity for face-to-face networking, the critical spark to growing any community.

The fair will feature dozens of tables that are available for entrepreneurs to showcase their business2business services. We are asking businesses that want a table to make a $100 contribution to the Chamber of Commerce (admission to the fair is FREE.)

Businesses that have signed up to make these special presentations include:

  • The Manhattan Times, showcasing how it can help businesses reach customers through advertising and the new MTmarketplace, a membership network to create opportunity and maximize marketing in Northern Manhattan.
  • Workspace, offering tours of the Inwood Center and its new state-of-the-art conference room.
  • The Washington Heights-Inwood Chamber of Commerce, describing the lobbying and educational resources it offers its members
  • The UPS Store, showcasing the small business solutions offered at its store on Broadway at Dyckman Street
  • Nationwide Insurance, specializing in insurance for small business owners
  • The Genard Group, providing temporary staffing for a host of business needs
  • Tony Creative, offering a host of Internet services
  • The Washington Heights Business Solutions Center
  • J’s Big Gym
  • Identity Communications public relations

The fair also provides the opportunity to capture ideas and suggestions from local business owners about how to improve the business community in Northern Manhattan. We want to document these ideas and inventory these local businesses to lay the groundwork for strengthening our local economy.

 Contact me today to register for the fair. Also, please forward this email to other local businesses that you think could benefit from the event or tell me who else I should reach out to.

Let’s work together to make Northern Manhattan a better place for all of us to do business.

Mike Fitelson

Manhattan Times, Associate Publisher

To RSVP, register for a table, or learn more, contact Mike Fitelson, Manhattan Times Associate Publisher

212-569-5800 or

Small Business Fair

Wed., March 16, 8:30 am-noon

The Inwood Center, 5030 Broadway at W. 214th Street, 6th floor

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