BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

That ‘s right people, the 10th Anniversary Issue of the Manhattan Times is on the streets right now. Congratulations are in order to the Manhattan Times for reaching that oh-so impressive milestone. The Manhattan Times has proven that the newspaper is not dead. That it is still vital and that hyper-local is a winning business model. This special issue has a series of thought-provoking essays on the growth of our vibrant Uptown online community written by such folks as Carla Zanoni of DNAinfo, politician Mark Levine and yours truly among others. Check out a snippet of my offering below. Make sure you grab your copy before they are all gone.

The Renaissance Will Be Digital

Uptown Collective

by Led Black

The is a daily, hyper-local, arts, news and community blog for Washington Heights and Inwood. It’s created by a diverse group of progressive, local writers, photographers and artists working in tandem for the betterment of Uptown. From the onset of the project, we had identified the winds of change that were transforming the neighborhood. These winds are remixing, revitalizing and redefining the social, cultural, political, and economic landscape. I gave this phenomenon a name and that is the Uptown Renaissance. Our mission is to witness firsthand that resurgence, document it in real time and help to shape it.


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