Briana E. Heard

Northern Manhattan Parks Master Plan

Project Description

The Planning and Parklands division, together with the Northern Manhattan Parks Administrator, are preparing a long-term conceptual master plan for the parks north of 155th Street in Manhattan.

The plan will be used to:

  • Guide the next 20 years of capital expenditures and privately funded projects
  • Establish operational and strategic priorities

The plan will address concerns such as:

  • Ecology and sustainability
  • Recreational facilities and programming
  • Community concerns
  • Health and fitness
  • Waterfront design and access
  • Park operation and security
  • Pedestrian and bicycle circulation
  • Park accessibility

This is where you come in. On the website there is this cool interactive map that shows what community members have already told the Parks Dept about the parks in Northern Manhattan. You can click on a park zone and then a section within that zone, to view the community’s concerns, wishes and current initiatives. You can also click the Propose an Action link, and you too can help shape the future of Northern Manhattan parks!

For more info:

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