BY Eileen Z. Fuentes

I was pleasantly surprised to see the The NY Times highlight the RAIN Inwood Senior Center (84 Vermilyea Avenue) and its new yoga fan base. The article featured endearing stories about 70-and 80-something year olds and how gentle yoga has had a positive effect on their bodies. They cited that this practice has changed their life, made them feel happy, reduced pain, improved sleep and more. They end their routine with deep relaxation and have experienced increased physical and mental clarity. The participants are mostly Dominican and have never been exposed to yoga although some were familiar with the practice through the younger members of their family. Research at the University of California, Los Angeles supports the statements made by the seniors. They found that the participants in their study actually had measurable improvements. This is compelling data and perhaps we should all encourage our abuelitos to go out and join the yoga bandwagon.

Check out the article:

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