BY Led Black

What is the price of good cell phone reception in New York City? The NY Times is reporting that one particular building Uptown, 165 Pinehurst Avenue, has excellent service and from AT&T no less. There is one little problem, the residents of the building contend that the 2 cell phone towers, one from T-Mobile and the other from the aforementioned AT&T, are causing structural damages to the foundation of the building. Others like Roger Entner, a wireless industry analyst, disagree. Mr. Entner provides the funniest quote in the article. “The base station only weighs a couple of hundred pounds — it’s like three fat men,” he said. “If that is cracking the stuff, the building has way bigger problems.” I couldn’t agree more, my mother’s building on Wadsworth Ave in the 190’s is also falling apart and they have no cell phone towers. This is just another case of the landlords not properly maintaining their buildings even though they can make anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500 a month for the cell phone towers. If you live in or around 165 Pinehurst and have an iPhone or iPad consider yourself lucky.

Check out the NY times article:

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