BY Rainey “Skates” Cruz

SOA Artist, Washington Heights native, and Uptown Collective member, M. Tony Peralta gets around. Don’t believe me? Then check out what I stumbled upon during a recent visit to Just Chill Skateshop, a new venture located in the Yankee Stadium area of The South Bronx. A print of Peralta’s infamous “Freedom” piece adorns one corner of the humble shop. When asked about the piece, store owner Ben Montalvo describes how he bought it at an art show some time ago. “It’s supporting the community,” Ben says, something that he and his shop are very adamant about. While it’s no secret that the skate world and the art world often intersect, here’s yet another example. Shoutout to you Ben, and all the local shops out there that support local artists and the Uptown scene. Right on! 

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