From the Devil’s Cave to Gorman Park

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Gorman Park - Washington Heights

When I was kid growing up, during the crack era that wreaked such havoc in this neighborhood, Gorman Park was known as the Devil’s Cave. The park is situated on Wadsworth Terrace between 189th and 190th Streets and has an awesome view of the Fort Tryon Park area as well a descending stone staircase that is a super shortcut down to Broadway.

Back in the day, the crack dealers would sell their merchandise on the terrace like park on Wadsworth Terrace and the addicts would consume them in the staircase that led down to Broadway. As kids, if we had to go down to Broadway, to say, go to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants, Chan’s Kitchen (it recently closed) or Fort Tyron Park, we would basically run all the way down to Broadway. It was fun, exciting and always scary as one would always encounter addicts getting high, defecating, having sex…etc.

Now, thankfully the park has been rehabilitated and is a welcome addition to the great parks that dot the Uptown landscape.

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  • Jonathan
    April 13, 2011 at 9:06 am

    Nice pictures, great story!

    We are volunteering in Gorman Park this year to spruce the place up a bit, starting down by Broadway. Come find us on Sundays or check our website for more information.