BY Led Black

We first put you on to the new Wine spot opening up on Dyckman about a month ago. Well, the owner of Corcho Wine Room, Benlly Polanco, invited the UC to a super intimate, pre-opening wine tasting. First off, the place is gorgeous; all red brick, wood and sexy lighting. To say this spot is date-friendly is an understatement. Secondly, everyone involved in this enterprise lives and breathes wine and they are more than willing to educate those folks, like me, who may enjoy wine but not know all of the nuances and subtleties of wine. I got a chance to speak with the wine buyer for Corcho, Vladimir Garcia, and came away duly impressed with the fervor and intelligence he exuded on the subject of wine. The wine tasting was so much more than just a wine tasting; it was a celebration of fine wine as well as a cultural and historical lesson as well. I left Corcho that night inebriated from some excellent wine and more knowledgeable about wine than when I entered this fine establishment. Corcho Wine Room (231 Dyckman Street) will be soft-opening this week.

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