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Marvel - Luke Cage - Harlem - Netflix

A Hero at Home in Harlem | WSJ

Marvel superhero Luke Cage defends the uptown streets in new Netflix series By Steve Dollar Harlem is more than a backdrop in “Marvel’s Luke Cage,” the new superhero drama available Friday on Netflix. The Manhattan neighborhood is very much…

The Pumpkin House

Pumpkin House Carves Out a Niche on the Hudson | WSJ

By Hannah Furfaro Photos of William Spink’s home in upper Manhattan appear in history books, and tour guides point it out as they glide by on Hudson River cruises below. It perches high above Route 9A, just north of…

Espaillat - Keith Wright - Slyvia's

Adriano Espaillat Prevails in Democratic Primary | WSJ

By Mara Gay and Thomas MacMillan New York state Assemblyman Keith Wright conceded defeat Thursday in the race for the Democratic nomination to succeed U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, paving the way for state Sen. Adriano Espaillat to potentially become…

Walrond - Harlem Pastor

A Harlem Pastor Makes His Mark | WSJ

By Melanie Grayce West During a sermon last month, the Rev. Michael A. Walrond Jr. hit his stride, as he often does, about 15 minutes in. Speaking about David, one of his favorite biblical characters, Mr. Walrond’s tenor voice…

Retirement Home - Washington Heights

Where the Elderly Can Age in Place | Wall Street Journal

By Patrice O’Shaughnessy At the age of 81, Margrit Meagher regularly rides a bicycle in her Upper Manhattan neighborhood and lifts weights three times a week. On Wednesday mornings she volunteers to work at a nearby produce market operated…

Young Lords

The Art and Activism of the Young Lords | Wall Street Journal

By Mark Armao When garbage started piling up on East Harlem sidewalks in the late 1960s because of irregular trash collection, a group of young activists decided to intervene. They dragged the discarded mattresses, old refrigerators and abandoned cars…