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Muppets Take the Heights | WSJ

Muppets Take the Heights | WSJ

By Richard Morgan Here’s a pro tip for public speakers: When addressing a crowd of English and Spanish speakers, try speaking Muppet. That’s what Lin-Manuel Miranda did Sunday afternoon when, in his native Washington Heights, his monthly film series had its debut at United Palace Theater, a still-pristine Loews Wonder Theater from 1930. Mr. Miranda, […]

Putting the Pieces Together in Inwood | WSJ

Putting the Pieces Together in Inwood | WSJ

By Lana Bortolot Known for its plenitude of parks, the far north neighborhood of Inwood just came a little closer to looking like the rest of Manhattan with the opening of the area’s first Starbucks. The ubiquitous coffee-shop chain opened at 4761 Broadway on the corner of Dyckman Street on Dec. 26. But just a […]

Documenting the Dwindling Number of Manhattan Bodegas | WSJ

Documenting the Dwindling Number of Manhattan Bodegas | WSJ

By LANA BORTOLOT When Gail Victoria Braddock Quagliata noticed that the bodegas she used to pass on her daily walks seemed to be getting fewer and fewer, she got out her camera to document a disappearing landscape. She began shooting in 2009 as a fine-arts project for her master’s thesis in photography. But in December, […]

Finding Classical Music’s Best-Kept Secret in Washington Heights |

Finding Classical Music's Best-Kept Secret in Washington Heights |

By CORINNE RAMEY On Wednesday, the American Academy of Arts and Letters will induct three new members into its 250-member society of architects, composers, artists and writers, hosting the annual ceremony in its partially underground auditorium on West 156th Street in Washington Heights. New Yorkers familiar with the Academy—whose members include Mark Twain, William S. […]

A Propulsive Force for Jazz |

By LARRY BLUMENFELD Shortly after drummer Dafnis Prieto moved to New York in 1999, he felt overwhelmed. “To be honest, it wasn’t really my cup of tea,” he said from his apartment in Washington Heights. New York was different from Barcelona, where he’d spent the previous year, and a far cry from Havana, where he […]

Uptown Theaters Followed a Spiritual Path |

By WILL FRIEDWALD The incredibly ornate Loew’s 175th Street Theatre opened in 1930. For four decades the gigantic 3,400-seat venue was the premier spot in Washington Heights for double features. Loew’s functioned as a cinema until 1969, when it was saved by the wrecking ball by the charismatic televangelist Reverend Ike (Rev. Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter […]

Uptown Real Estate: The Pumpkin House Is On The Market | WSJ

By JOSH BARBANEL The Pumpkin House of Washington Heights, one of the most unusual residences in Manhattan, has gone on the market for $3.9 million. The 17-foot-wide brick house cantilevers over a cliff near the highest point in Manhattan, facing west toward the Hudson River. The light of the setting sun combined with the glow […]


BY Led Black (@Led_Black) The Wall Street Journal recently ran an interesting and fact filled real estate profile on Washington Heights. I did have an issue with the following sentence in the first paragraph: “Today, the northern boundary of Washington Heights is largely considered to be at 181st Street.” This is absolutely not true but […]


BY Led Black Last month, I wrote an article on Highbridge Park and briefly spoke about the historic Jumel Terrace district. The Morris Jumel mansion was built in 1765 and was once used by George Washington as a headquarters during the Battle of Harlem Heights. Well, this week, The Wall Street Journal ran an excellent […]


BY Led BlackThe Wall Street Journal ran an interesting article with accompanying video and slideshow on how Dominican salons are making serious inroads into the monopoly that African-American salons have when it comes to styling and straightening black women’s hair. Dominican salons are sprouting up all across the country and siphoning off customers away from […]


By Led Black Look what the cat dragged in.  Lou Dobbs who played a significant early role in fomenting the xenophobia which gave impetus to the Tea Party crowd as well as laying the groundwork for the disgusting and heavy-handed new immigration law in Arizona, showed up in Washington Heights of all places.  The Wall […]

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