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NYC’s Incredible Cliffside ‘Pumpkin House’ Is For Sale | Gothamist

NYC's Incredible Cliffside 'Pumpkin House' Is For Sale | Gothamist

by Jen Carlson Located at 16 Chittenden Avenue in Manhattan’s Hudson Heights neighborhood is a home that’s been dubbed “The Pumpkin House.” The property extends out over a cliff just north of the George Washington Bridge, and some observers on the other side of the Hudson River see a jack-o-lantern face at night when the […]

Time Travel Tuesdays: No Cuban Cigars? Q Cigar by Portes Offers an Alternative | NY Times

By ALAN FEUER Published: February 24, 2011 AN afición for cigars — “penchant” lacks the necessary passion, while “fondness” is at least three shades too tame — is a difficult itch to scratch in Bloombergian New York, which, aside from its high property taxes and low trans fats, is almost entirely smoke-free. There aren’t many […]

Moved to Tears at the Cloisters by a Ghostly Tapestry of Music | NY Times

Moved to Tears at the Cloisters by a Ghostly Tapestry of Music | NY Times

By JIM DWYER Wobbling, blissed out, a few in tears, people emerged every 12 minutes or so from the remnant of a 12th-century Spanish chapel tucked into the Cloisters museum. Something had happened there, up on a hill at the northern end of Manhattan. “It’s too soon to talk,” Margaret Cardenas said as she left […]

Time Travel Tuesdays: Lin-Manuel Miranda – In the Heights | NY Times

Time Travel Tuesdays: Lin-Manuel Miranda - In the Heights | NY Times

By MELENA RYZIK Published: March 14, 2008 TO be perfectly clear, Lin-Manuel Miranda did not grow up in Washington Heights, the physical and spiritual setting of his musical “In the Heights,” which opened on Broadway this week. He was raised in Inwood, an area some blocks north with a similar landscape of immigrants, Spanish speakers […]

Who Lives There – A Face in the Crowd | NY Times

Who Lives There - A Face in the Crowd | NY Times

By STEVEN KURUTZ Published: August 13, 2008 WHEN a building is perched atop a ridge that happens to be the highest natural point in Manhattan, cantilevered over a cliff like one of those engineering marvels that are affixed to California hillsides, it tends to attract attention. In the case of a three-story brick house just […]

Audubon of MTV’s Washington Heights Featured In The New York Times

Audubon of MTV's Washington Heights Featured In The New York Times

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) Audubon first graced our site back in the summer of 2011. Even then you could tell he had the talent, charisma and drive to make it really big. Fast-forward to the present day and Audubon is a rising star that on his way to becoming a household name. Four episodes in […]

Profile of the D.J. Venus X | NY Times

Profile of the D.J. Venus X | NY Times

By ALEX HAWGOOD AT a party last fall celebrating Terry Richardson’s photography exhibition “Mom & Dad” at the Westway, a former strip joint turned nightclub in the far West Village, the D.J. Venus X blasted through a torrent of disparate musical styles during her two-hour-plus set: Chicago juke (a low-fi interpretation of break beat); Dominican […]

Challenging Mr. Rangel | NY Times

Challenging Mr. Rangel | NY Times

By JOHN ELIGON Adam Clayton Powell Jr. knew what his priorities were when he campaigned to become the first congressman to represent a new district centered in Harlem. “I will represent the Negro people first,” he said during the campaign in 1944. “I will represent, after that, all the other American people.” In the decades […]

Senator Adriano Espaillat Will Challenge Rangel | NYTimes

Senator Adriano Espaillat Will Challenge Rangel | NYTimes

By JOHN ELIGON Adriano Espaillat, a Democratic state senator who represents Washington Heights, announced on Monday that he would run against Representative Charles B. Rangel, ending months of speculation over his potential candidacy and setting the stage for a campaign that could test the strength of Latino influence in the district. Mr. Espaillat, the first […]

Linsanity Design Winner | NYTimes

Linsanity Design Winner | NYTimes

By SAMANTHA HENIG Alex Medina, the readers’ pick in our Jeremy Lin design competition, wasn’t always a Knicks fan. Although he grew up in Washington Heights, Medina spent his childhood rooting for the Chicago Bulls and more recently jumped ship for the Miami Heat. It was all about Jordan, then all about LeBron. And now, […]

Millrose Games Move Into New Era | NY Times

Millrose Games Move Into New Era | NY Times

By GEORGE VECSEY An event called the Millrose Games is being held in a 5,000-seat armory in Upper Manhattan on Saturday. Does that mean it is really the Millrose Games? “At first, I was thinking, ‘This is a joke,’ ” Eamonn Coghlan said in his Irish lilt. “But after I talked to people, I realized you […]

Graduates of Elite New York City Public Schools Tutor Students Seeking Admission | NYTimes

By ANNA M. PHILLIPS On a Saturday morning in August, Philip Cleary stood in a white, fluorescent-lit classroom in Washington Heights, facing a dozen sleepy seventh graders he and others are training to pass an entrance exam for the city’s seven specialized high schools. “The inequality question,” he said. “Who was struggling with that?” He […]

NY Times To Document Autumn On A Weekly Basis From Inwood Hill Park

That’s right, the City Room section of the New York Times will be documenting the contours of autumn on a weekly basis in Manhattan’s last remaining forest, Inwood Hill Park. Marielle Anzelone, a botanist and urban ecologist who founded NYC Wildflower Week, will report from a patch of forest in Inwood Hill Park once a […]

On the Fringe, With Benefits | NY Times

By Christian L. Wright Photo Credit: Guy Calaf | The New York Times “HEY, look out!” cried a man on the street as he grabbed an elderly woman from the path of a bicyclist whizzing down the steep slope of West 181st Street, toward Riverside Drive. The cyclist was gone in a flash, trailed by […]

Living In/Audubon Park |

By JOHN FREEMAN GILL ONE can imagine how John James Audubon, the renowned naturalist and illustrator of “Birds of America,” might have reacted to the idea: his own name, being used to promote the very development that would transform the rambling woodlands of his beloved Washington Heights estate into a densely populated urban district. But […]

A Bookshop Opens for a One-Month Stand in Washington Hts. | The New York Times

By JESSICA LOUDIS “This did not look like this two hours ago,”  Veronica Liu said as she surveyed the crowd at Word Up, Washington Heights’ newest, possibly even first, pop-up bookstore. It was 8 p.m. on Friday. At 6 p.m. — Word Up’s stated opening time — Heights residents and newly recruited volunteers were still […]

Space, Light and Bragging Rights – Habitats/Washington Heights |

By CONSTANCE ROSENBLUM THE real estate ad promised a space renovated by a “well-known architect,” or words to that effect. But Mindy Fox, a food writer who was apartment hunting with her husband, Steve Hoffman, was dubious. “If he’s so well known,” Ms. Fox muttered to Mr. Hoffman as they headed up to Washington Heights […]

Students Tap Power of Rowing on the Harlem River |

BY Corey Kilgannon “I’M bored,” announced Shlomo Orenstein, 14, a seventh grader from Brooklyn, as he lay on a floating dock on the Harlem River on Thursday, picking splinters out of the wooden planks with his idle hands. Moments later, his mood had changed considerably. He was seated in a sleek racing scull, those same […]

Millrose Games Expected to Leave Garden for Armory |

By KEN BELSON The Millrose Games, the most famous indoor track meet in the world, are expected to leave Madison Square Garden, where they have been held since 1914. The Armory Foundation, which owns the rights to the event, is likely to formally announce next week that it is relocating the 104-year-old meet to the […]

Cycling the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway |

By JANE MARGOLIES WHEN I told my local bicycle mechanic that I was thinking about circling the city by following the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, he shrugged off my reservations about the unfinished route, which I’d heard was still dicey in parts. “It’s Manhattan,” he said. “It’s an island. What are you going to do, get […]

The Uptown Seal of Approval

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) That’s right world I am Uptown and I ain’t leaving….f what you heard! #WaHi #Inwood #UptownSeal May 5, 2011 11:01 am via webReplyRetweetFavorite @UptownSeal Uptown Seal I knew it was only a matter of time. The notion that our precious neighborhood would remain off the radar of those looking for an […]

Chiara Sottile’s ‘Birdman’ of Inwood | NY Times

Much love goes out to next-generation journalist and former Uptown Collective contributor, Chiara Sottile, for her informative and insightful piece in the New York Times on the Birdman of Inwood. Chiara has always impressed me with her proficiency, determination and dedication to her craft. Job well done. Click here for more. We invite you to […]

Subway Elevator Operators Dwindle in New York |

By MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM John Petruzzi’s office is, all things considered, not a terribly unpleasant place to work. It could use a window, and an Internet connection might be nice, but colorful art hangs on the walls, and the subway access is unbeatable. Mr. Petruzzi operates Elevator 120 in the 190th Street subway station in […]

Led Black Takes Part in ONANYC’s Hyper-Local Panel @ NYU

Led Black Takes Part in ONANYC's Hyper-Local Panel @ NYU

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) Photography by Paul Lomax (@PaulLomaxPhoto) I had the distinct pleasure of taking part in a panel on the significance and future of Hyper-Local sponsored by ONA-NYC at NYU this past Wednesday. The panel included Warren Webster, President of Patch; Jeff Yang, Project Director of, Mary Giordano, Metro Editor, New York […]

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