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‘It’s always been there for us’: a love letter to New York’s fire hydrants | The Guardian

'It's always been there for us': a love letter to New York's fire hydrants | The Guardian

The quintessential tradition has remained intact throughout decades of change, but with gentrification taking hold, are these the scenes of a dying New York? BY Rose Hackman Edwin Canela sits outside, on a white chair on a north Manhattan sidewalk, with an old boombox to his right, and a mini barbecue to his left. He […]

8/5/14: Lost Inwood Summer Spectacular @ Indian Road Café

8/5/14: Lost Inwood Summer Spectacular @ Indian Road Café

Tuesday, August 5th at 7:30 pm The Indian Road Café (218th Street and Indian Road) This month Lost Inwood explores the activities and places of summers’ past. Through photos and fascinating oral histories we’ll explore the swimming pools, bowling alleys and movies theaters that gave the children of Inwood’s past a respite from the summer […]

It’s OK to Open that Fire Hydrant… But Just a Little Bit | WNYC

It's OK to Open that Fire Hydrant... But Just a Little Bit | WNYC

By Beth Fertig In a hot summer day, for those far from the beach, or a lake, there is always the fire hydrant. But open hydrants waste water and make it hard for firefighters to do their jobs. That’s why the city is trying to get more people to take advantage of a safer alternative […]


By DeJesus: Time for the ice cream truck to stop circling the hood, to dismantle the grill and stuff it in the back of the closet, it’s time for restaurant dining to be reserved for indoor seating. Yup, the signs of this season’s finale are on the horizon. But it will not go quietly into […]

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