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Love Trips Book Launch Party @ Apt 78 On Sunday January 15th

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Finding Laughter In Heartbreak: 7 Questions with Sujeiry Gonzalez

BY Dominican Pie (@DominicanPie) A couple of days ago, a friend and I, a Dominican man in his late thirties, got into a conversation about men and women, that was in many ways, very clichéd. At least it was until my friend pointed out that he doesn’t really see people from younger generations, like mine, […]

Ask Sujeiry: The 3-Day Rule

BY Sujeiry (@1stLadyofLove) Dear Sujeiry, I went on a date with a really great guy, he sent me a text after the date saying it was worth the 1hr drive (no sex, no kissing) and that I would def. hear back from him. It’s been 2 days and nothing. No text, call or message. Do […]

Introducing Sujeiry – A Loveaholic

BY Sujeiry (@1stLadyofLove) When asked to be the Love Advice Chica for Uptown Collective, I wondered how to introduce myself. Should I write an ‘About Me’ as if completing a profile? “I’m a sassy, creative 33-year-old Latina who is ready for love, knows what she wants and will not settle for less!” Should I […]

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