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Karina Pasian's 9/11 Merengue Flash Bash


Inwood community 'adopts' Wisconsin couple whose daughter died on 9/11 | NY Daily News

BY Heidi Evans Andrea’s stone in the memorial garden in Inwood. Mariela Lombard | News If Andrea Lyn Haberman had grown up on the streets of Inwood with the fun-loving Meehan, Dolan or Dowd boys, she surely would have been one of the kid sisters they protected. In piecing together the last terrifying moments of […]

Never Forget: Paul Lomax's Pictures From Ground Zero

Photography by Paul Lomax (@PaulLomaxPhoto) Click here for more pictures from the one and only, Paul Lomax. Also, click here for more of Paul’s pics on

Inwood's fallen heroes: 9/11 memorial garden gives families comfort | NY Daily News

BY HEIDI EVANS   The boys of Inwood would be proud. Proud to see how their childhood buddies have taken care to remember and honor them, the 22 who were killed in the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001. Guys like Tommy Dowd, Bobby (Rock) O’Shea, James (JimmyMac) McAlary, John Burnside and Christian Regenhard. Joe […]

Living El Alto: A day of reflection at Bruce’s Garden | Manhattan Times

Written by Gloria Pazmiño  Whenever people learn that the day of my birthday in conversation, there is always a pause. It is followed often by a slight groan, sometimes accompanied by an apology. “Oh that must be terrible,” some people say. What they don’t know, and what I have grown to learn through the years, […]

Washington Heights singer Karina Pasian set to perform love song to city for 9/11 anniversary | NY Daily News

BY Michael J. Feeney Washington Heights singer Karina Pasian was only 10 years old on Sept. 11, 2001 – but she vividly remembers one of the saddest days in New York City history. In the middle of a piano lesson at school on W. 67th St., her frantic mom and brother came to get her. […]

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