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A new tilt for the Kilt | Manhattan Times

A new tilt for the Kilt | Manhattan Times

Story by Gregg McQueen On Labor Day, many uptown residents lamented the closure of popular neighborhood watering hole Piper’s Kilt, which shut down after nearly three decades in business. Well-known in Northern Manhattan for its signature burgers, Piper’s Kilt closed its doors on September 5, after operating at 4946 Broadway for 28 years. Prior to […]

Eating Along the A Line: In Inwood, it’s Darling Coffee, Piper’s Kilt, or G’s Coffee | NY Daily News

Eating Along the A Line: In Inwood, it's Darling Coffee, Piper's Kilt, or G's Coffee | NY Daily News

BY Rachel Wharton | NEW YORK DAILY NEWS The last stop on the A train is the Inwood-207th St. station, at the northern tip of Manhattan. Loaded with parkland and regal apartment buildings, Inwood now draws plenty of newcomers. Here’s where to taste the neighborhood’s past, present and future. Non stop mom and pop Nichole […]

Throw Back Thursdays: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Throw Back Thursdays: St. Patrick's Day Edition

For this week’s Throw Back Thursdays post, it only fitting that we show love to all the folks that will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by highlighting 2 St. Patty’s Day posts. The first is last year’s St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot for Vibe Magazine that was shot at Inwood institution Piper’s Kilt and orchestrated […]

Pics From The “In The Wood” Screening @ Piper’s Kilt

Pics From The "In The Wood" Screening @ Piper's Kilt

Photography Art By Dj Boy (@ArtByDjBoy)

Vibe’s Sexy St. Patrick’s Day Shoot @ Piper’s Kilt

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) A big shout out is in order to the one and only Briana E. Heard, not only for showing the Uptown Collective so much love for so long (Briana is our first contributor) but for always looking to highlight Uptown whenever possible. Briana is the mastermind behind Vibe Magazine’s St. Patrick’s […]

Music Makes Uptown Spin Around

BY Carolina Pichardo [slideshow] Music is ubiquitous Uptown. Whether it’s the Hip-Hop beats emanating from a passing car, singing locals at a popular bar on Karaoke night, or the political trucks making their rounds with their own rendition of a Kinito Mendez hit, it’s an amazing unifying tool. So let’s take a quick look at […]

Piper’s Kilt – The Best Burger in Town

Piper's Kilt - The Best Burger in Town

BY Sara Martinez (@Saritology) Photography by Paul Lomax (@PaulLomaxPhoto) I was in the mood for a burger. I had one from some random diner but it wasn’t good, and I didn’t finish it. I said to myself, “Self, why settle for less when you can have the real deal Holyfield and it’s so close by?” […]


BY Led Black Joshua Bright|The New York Times I must admit, the notion of circumnavigating Manhattan by foot has a certain charm. The trek even has a name, the Great Saunter, a phrase coined by Cy A. Adler, who also wrote a book on the subject; Walking Manhattan’s Rim and leads a yearly Great Saunter […]


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