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Venus X: ‘I don’t like pretending to be stupid’ | The Observer

Venus X: 'I don't like pretending to be stupid' | The Observer

BY Hermione Hoby Venus X has previously described DJing as a kind of witchcraft, but on the day I meet her she seems more goddess than witch. The kind of goddess, that is, who’s fallen to Earth by way of a Bollywood film set, 90s hip-hop video and cyberpunk convention. She’s wearing tight jeans, high […]

Profile of the D.J. Venus X | NY Times

Profile of the D.J. Venus X | NY Times

By ALEX HAWGOOD AT a party last fall celebrating Terry Richardson’s photography exhibition “Mom & Dad” at the Westway, a former strip joint turned nightclub in the far West Village, the D.J. Venus X blasted through a torrent of disparate musical styles during her two-hour-plus set: Chicago juke (a low-fi interpretation of break beat); Dominican […]

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