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From Inwood To Vietnam

From Inwood To Vietnam

Edward Hagan was only 22 years old when he left the comforts of his beloved Inwood neighborhood to serve as an American military advisor to the South Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. In his riveting essay in The Irish Echo, Mr. Hagan brings to life the thriving Irish Inwood of the late 1960’s. The author […]

Indiegogo Spotlight: A Tale of Two Neighbors

Indiegogo Spotlight: A Tale of Two Neighbors

A Word From Nelson Estevez Growing up in Inwood, New York was difficult. I distinctly remember Broadway Avenue: the street which divided the Dominican and Irish communities. The goal of this film is to bridge those two communities together, build empathy for one another as human beings, and come to the realization that there is […]

Time Travel Tuesdays: Inwood Journal – Closing Shop in a Once-Thriving Irish Enclave | NY Times

By DEXTER FILKINS Published: May 6, 2001 Mary O’Sullivan remembers when the Tara Irish Gift Shop was something more than just another business in the Upper Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood, when it stood as a sentimental tie to the old country amid the loneliness of the new. Now, with the Irish mostly gone from Inwood, […]

Entrance To The Past: Broadway & Isham Streets | Forgotten New York

Entrance To The Past: Broadway & Isham Streets | Forgotten New York

While meandering aimlessly in upper Manhattan in February 2013 I came upon a single intersection, Broadway and Isham Street, where there are several leftover relicts from several different ages that still survive. Before getting into those, I’d like to dispute the pronunciation of the name Isham, which, I’m told, is EYE-sham. This is plainly ridiculous. […]

Historic Inwood: “Goodbye to Glocamorra” (1968)

BY Led Black @Led_Black “Goodbye to Glocamorra” (1968) is a documentary film originally made for broadcast on Irish television and is a fascinating look at the predominantly Irish Inwood of yesteryear. The film takes an unflinching look at the forces of transformation at work in the late 1960’s in the neighborhood. Inwood at the time […]

Throw Back Thursdays: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Throw Back Thursdays: St. Patrick's Day Edition

For this week’s Throw Back Thursdays post, it only fitting that we show love to all the folks that will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by highlighting 2 St. Patty’s Day posts. The first is last year’s St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot for Vibe Magazine that was shot at Inwood institution Piper’s Kilt and orchestrated […]

New York Irish bar stands firm as population shifts – BBC News

The dynamic upper Manhattan neighbourhoods of Inwood and Washington Heights have undergone a dramatic shift in recent years, as the once predominantly Irish population has been replaced by new arrivals from the Dominican Republic and other Spanish-speaking countries. Barbara Cronin has owned the Irish Brigade bar for 28 years, and it is now one of […]

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