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Letters to the Editor: I Hate Hookah

Letters to the Editor: I Hate Hookah

At the risk of sounding like an old fart and seeming out of touch, I simply cannot stand, no – better yet, I absolutely abhor hookahs. The problem is that in Washington Heights, I cannot seem to escape them. They are in the clubs, in the streets, and even in the barbershops. They are everywhere. […]

Smokin’ hot craze catches fire | NY Daily News

Smokin' hot craze catches fire | NY Daily News

BY MICHAEL J. FEENEY Is upper Manhattan hooked on hookah? Just take a look around, and it would seem so. Late Wednesday night, Vin-Tich Lounge on Tenth Ave. near W. 211th St. was packed with smokers, from the bar to the deejay booth. DJ J Star blew smoke while keeping the crowd dancing to hip […]


BY DeJesus There was something definitely brewing on Dyckman this past Friday night. Something out of the ordinary and the source of this energy was emitting from a small hole in the wall known as Nostylgia. It all becomes clear as you begin to close in on the entrance of this Uptown Tea Bar and […]


By M.Tony Peralta A picture is worth a 1000 words and I think this picture explains Uptown’s latest fascination with Hookahs. This young man took it to a whole new level and made his portable. I was visiting my boy Jason at Nostylgia one day and saw this dude out side his store smoking a […]


BY DeJesus That is what you might hear blaring from the mouth of the Dark Knight’s young and naive side kick if he happens to find himself on one of Inwood’s streets.  But what can seriously be concluded by this image is that Uptown is a recycling conscious neighborhood.

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