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Lin Manuel Miranda - SNL

Uptown Video: Lin-Manuel Spreads Uptown Love On SNL

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) Don’t get it twisted I still have not forgiven SNL and NBC for humanizing and legitimizing a racist demagogue like Donald Trump a few months ago. But Lin-Manuel Miranda’s opening monologue on SNL was one…

Hillary Clinton Art

UPinion: #imwithher | Manhattan Times

BY Liz Ritter (@LizRittr) I went to my first Bernie Sanders (for Senate) rally in 2006. His passion and energy and fist-in-the-air championing of the little guy are infectious and real. His continued presence in the Democratic Primary has…

Hillary at the podium at the Schomburg Center. (Photo: Andrew Burton | Getty Images)

How Hillary Clinton Won Harlem | New York Mag

By Rembert Browne “I thought we’d get that talk from Bernie, but it was Hillary,” the woman said as she took her seat in the restaurant. The man with her nodded his head in agreement, and then they sat…

Bernie Sanders meets with Al Sharpton in Harlem. (Photo: Sam Hodgson | NY Times)

Bernie Sanders Goes to Harlem and Meets Al Sharpton | NY Times

BY Steve Eder The morning after his big victory in New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders was in Harlem with the Rev. Al Sharpton, a sign of his campaign’s efforts to diversify his support as his candidacy gains momentum. The…

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Uptown Votes: It’s Time To Get Your Vote On

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) That’s right people; today is the day we make our voice heard. You have no reason not to vote and a plethora of reasons to vote. Too many people have suffered, fought and lost their…