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Gordon Parks

Ming Smith - America seen through Stars and Stripes, New York City, New York, 1976

A Photographer Who Made ‘Ghosts’ Visible | NY Times

By Maurice Berger It is the often oblique details in Ming Smith’s photographs that provide their most profound meaning. Consider the eerie photograph of a person walking on a Harlem street, a blur moving across the image’s surface. The…

Adger Cowans, Icarus, 1970

The Heartbeat of Our Being, in Black and White | NY Times

By Maurice Berger The pictures accompanying Adger Cowans’ essay in a new monograph on his work are not his professional photos, but snapshots from his personal life: his childhood home, a group portrait of his mother’s relatives in their…

Gordon Parks - Harlem

Gordon Parks’s Harlem Argument | NY Times

By Maurice Berger Fresh from assignments at Vogue and Glamour in 1948, Gordon Parks appeared one morning at Life’s New York headquarters, determined to show his portfolio to Wilson Hicks, the magazine’s esteemed picture editor. Mr. Hicks was initially…

Gordon Parks - Emerging Man - Harlem, New York, 1952.

Flashing Lights: Harlem As Seen By Gordon Parks

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) The iconic photographer Gordon Parks would have been 102 this past November. Arguably one of the most important photographers of all time, Gordon Parks referred to his camera as “my weapon against poverty and racism”.…