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Where It’s Still Legal to Exhale –

By ALAN FEUER AN afición for cigars — “penchant” lacks the necessary passion, while “fondness” is at least three shades too tame — is a difficult itch to scratch in Bloombergian New York, which, aside from its high property taxes and low trans fats, is almost entirely smoke-free. There aren’t many Cubans to be found, […]

Open For Business: Capas Inc – Cigar Bar

BY Carolina Pichardo Capas, Inc. 4734 Broadway New York, NY 10040 Tel. (212) 304-4620 Despite its luxurious and almost upscale feel now, cigars still possess a rebellious and risky essence. It’s a label that has rolled with it through the years, or to be exact—since the 19th century. It was then that the British […]

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