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A Tale of Two Libraries | NY City Lens


Washington Heights Library

The Washington Heights’ Library reopened after extensive renovation. Patrons of East Harlem’s Aguilar Library say their facility’s needs remain unmet. (Photo: The New York Public Library)

Not all libraries are created equal, even libraries in the same borough of the same city. The Aguilar Library in East Harlem and the Washington Heights Library sit a mere four miles apart in northern Manhattan. Both are mainstays of their community and proud neighborhood establishments. But the similarities end there.

Step inside either building, and the differences could not be more obvious. The Aguilar Library’s thin-looking collection of books is spread out on half-filled shelves, and patrons regularly wait for up to 45 minutes to use one of the library’s four PCs. Daylight struggles to enter the main floor through four large windows, giving the room a dank feeling. At the Washington Heights facility, the library’s bookshelves contain a myriad of books fill the shelves in neatly arranged rows. Sunlight spills through the beige window shades and illuminates the bright green couches and suave red chairs. The light fills the room so much that the institution’s ceiling lights are hardly noticeable. What is noticeable, however, is this: 50 computers waiting idly for patrons to use them.

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4/13/14: Emmanuel “Dj Boy” Abreu Fundraiser @ Word Up Books

Gallery, Film and Party by Emmanuel “Dj Boy” Abreu Fundraiser

April 13, 2014
3-6pm – Gallery Reception and Screening
6-9pm – Party with Live Dj
Drinks and Snacks will be provided.
Gallery and Screening are free to enter.
$10 Suggested Donation for entry to Party at 6pm


$15 entry to party PLUS a 4×6 FRAMED PRINT!
You can pay in advanced by visiting the indiegogo page and choosing the “Let’s Party!” perk.


Uptown Video: Nueva York Presents Dominican York @ Dyckman Bar


Indiegogo Spotlight: I Am New York: Juan Rodriguez

Last year a strip of Broadway in upper Manhattan was renamed Juan Rodriguez Way. But most New Yorkers know little about this unsung hero. We want to change that.

Organic Magnetics is raising $12,345 to rewrite history. Let’s make sure future generations know that New York City’s first immigrant was a freedom fighter!

I Am New York: Juan Rodriguez tells the story of NYC’s first immigrant – a mixed race man from La Hispaniola who came to Mannahatta on a Dutch ship in 1613, and chose to stay. A live theater installation from director/choreographer Maija Garcia, co-written by Armando Batista with original music by Daniel Bernard Roumain, I Am New York imagines the story of Juan Rodriguez – its up to you to create the legacy

SAVE THE DATE: MAY 28, 2014 Free public showing @ El Museo del Barrio  Student Showing: May 27, 2014 email to register student groups

REWRITE HISTORY: Make a tax-deductible donation now!  Your generous contribution offers students across NYC a sense of pride in their heritage. 


TELL YOUR STORY: Tweet why YOU are NY #IamNY… & be part of the installation!

Support: I Am New York: Juan Rodriguez | Indiegogo.


Money = Power: Are You An Impulse Buyer? Part II

BY Fabian Baez (@FabianBaez)

The Uptown Collective’s Money = Power column intends to inform our dedicated readers on matters of financial literacy and empowerment to better understand money.

In Part I, we looked at what impulsive buying is and some of its motivations.

Let’s now explore some ways to control those urges and avoid unwanted consequences.

As mentioned in Part I, understanding need and want is critical. Many times if we ask ourselves: do we really need this item or do we just want it? We’ll know whether we should make a purchase.


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Uptown Video: Nueva York Presents Dominican York @ Dyckman Bar
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