05/22/17: Inwood NYC Planning Initiative Telephone Town Hall

The goal of Inwood NYC is to ensure that the area remains an affordable and attractive neighborhood for working families through efforts that include building affordable housing, preserving the neighborhood’s character, connecting residents to their waterfront, supporting small businesses, and improving infrastructure.

On Monday, May 22, please join NYCEDC and Councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez for a live telephone town hall to share exciting news about the project and take your questions live.  Join the conversation!


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One Response to “05/22/17: Inwood NYC Planning Initiative Telephone Town Hall”

  1. Nicauri says:

    Can’t believe you would publicize this atrocity. Ydanis is cheating his people, his constituents, those that he “represents” and pay his salary. Who would think it’s a good idea to have such an important conversation about rezoning, a plan that the neighborhood previously fought hard to stop, over a telephone call? Only a scarred and wimpy person would think this is okay to do. Try to hide from the fact that you are cheating your constituents.

    Ydanis, you will not be reelected for another term. Enjoy the time you have now in office.

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