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BY Frankie Reese (@_wonderfrankie)

(Photo: Diana Davies, taken at the NYU campus in 1970)

(Photo: Diana Davies, taken at the NYU campus in 1970)

This particular article was headed in a very different direction, and prior to the election last Tuesday, I thought our country was too. I am absolutely devastated by the reality that Donald J. Trump is our future president. If an asteroid were hurdling towards the earth at this very moment I, like many others, would spark a big fatty, kiss my mom goodbye and rejoice about this nightmare being over. But this is not a nightmare, this is not a drill, this is not a test – this is our reality now. And as much as I don’t want to accept it – I must. We must accept this, we must accept that this is going to become an infamous and much talked about part of history. We must accept this reality and gather our thoughts as we cannot undo the election and we must learn to tolerate things out of our immediate control. Then we can identify things that we can control, try to understand them and then we must change them.

While I am incredibly shocked by this news, I am not surprised (if that makes any sense). We are seeing the ripple effect of over three-decades worth of dark politics finally come to a boil. Now look, I am no poli-sci major, I enjoy reading up on the history of our country and I’m learning new, old and ugly truths about American politics every chance I get. But what I do know is that the election of this violent Cheeto in a bad wig will not destroy me. Trump will not destroy us, his ideologies will not destroy the bi-cultural/multiracial/tolerant/welcoming fabric of America and his followers will not plant fear in our hearts. This country, with all of its tricks and tactics, will never destroy the solidarity of all marginalized people. We shall rise again, and again, and again – don’t believe me? Google: Civil Rights Movement, United Farm Workers and the ACLU.

To all women, black, Asian, disabled, Muslim, gay, poor, Jewish, trans people out there
– this is our call to action.

In this very moment, as I write this in the library of my school and as you read this on your morning commute or wherever else you may be, the world is waiting for us to save it. To echo the message that was shared by our Editor-in-Chief, Yari Blanco, in her piece in our Culture section – we must not and will not be caught up in a frenzy of panic and fail to actualize the change that we so desperately want and moreover, need. It is time to re-examine our roles as citizens of the sham democracy that is failing us and is not answering our desperate pleas for mercy and change. We need to change the game-plan and fight this systematic oppression from the inside-out. We must learn the language and rules of this game and sweep in the finals. This is it, this is the beginning of the end.

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  1. NYC Resident says:

    If there is one positive to come from a Trump presidency it’s a rejuvenated spirit of protest and activism. Positive change can still be made. It’s not a time for defeatism but renewed strength.

  2. Matthew says:

    Can we all just be friends lol

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