Conan O’Brien Takes Tour of Harlem Before New York Shows | Entertainment Weekly

By Nick Maslow

Conan O'Brien at the Apollo Theater in Harlem

Conan O’Brien is making new friends in New York City and getting a new hairdo along the way.

On Monday’s Conan, the late night host headed out in Harlem, where he’s filming the next week of his shows at the famed Apollo Theater.

Ever the charismatic man-on-the-street interviewer, O’Brien first caught up with two musicians, one of whom beat-boxed as the comedian sang, “My name is Conan / I say yeah-ah ha!” One guy also got to promote his album, but he didn’t let O’Brien have it for free. “Conan, I’ll take my 20 now,” he said as the host walked away with a copy.

After scoring a “Gluten Free” hat, O’Brien’s next stop was a stand where an artist claimed he can “duplicate” any sound. O’Brien asked him for advice on what to eat, only for a random man to walk up and declare he couldn’t go to Sylvia’s, a famous Southern food restaurant, because “it’s not kosher!”

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