Pumpkin House Carves Out a Niche on the Hudson | WSJ

By Hannah Furfaro

The Pumpkin House

Interior designer William Spink is asking $5.2 million for his cliffside home, affectionately known as the Pumpkin House, at 16 Chittenden Avenue in Hudson Heights. (Steve Remich | WSJ)

Photos of William Spink’s home in upper Manhattan appear in history books, and tour guides point it out as they glide by on Hudson River cruises below. It perches high above Route 9A, just north of the George Washington Bridge. It even has a nickname—the Pumpkin House.

The nickname came over the decades as people noticed that at sunset the home’s windows made the unusual structure appear like a glowing jack-o’-lantern.

Mr. Spink seems to have a story about every inch of his three-story, 3,144-square-foot home, which is in the Washington Heights enclave known as Hudson Heights.

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