Men of Steel | Complex

Interview by Nadeska Alexis
Photography by Andrew Cutraro

Lin Manuel Miranda - Chance The Rapper

It’s around 9 a.m. on a brisk New York Friday when Chance the Rapper and Lin-Manuel Miranda meet at a photo studio in Chelsea. Within the hour, they’re dressed in dingy overalls and covered in oil, faces smeared with dirt.

They’ve both taken a brief recess from their hectic schedules to scale steel I-beams on the makeshift construction site Complex has created for their cover shoot. In just a few hours, Chance will head back to Chicago, where he’s been diligently working on his Acid Rap follow up. Miranda will return to Midtown to prepare for another performance of his critically-acclaimed musical, Hamilton. Still, they’re cordial and at ease with each other, exchanging laughs in between flashes from the camera.

When they eventually break from shooting to chat, their conversation doesn’t miss a beat. After a few pleasantries and catch-ups are exchanged, talk drifts to the similarities between Alexander Hamilton and Eminem. Drawing parallels between a Founding Father and a Detroit rapper may seem like a stretch for most, but for these two, it’s easy to see the connection. Both, they point out, were driven by an urgency to create, innovate, and rewrite the rules in order to win.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda - Complex


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