Another Police Officer Indicted After Video Proves He Lied | Slate

By Leon Neyfakh

Security footage of Jason Disisto's arrest.

Security footage of Jason Disisto’s arrest.

The past year provided plenty of video evidence that, far too often, police officers lie at the expense of civilians in order to protect themselves. The Walter Scott cellphone video out of North Charleston showed Michael Slager planting a Taser next to his victim’s body, with the apparent hope of substantiating a version of the story in which Scott attacked him with a stun gun. The Laquan McDonald dashcam footage from Chicago showed that Jason Van Dyke and other officers on the scene had all lied in reporting to their superiors that McDonald was coming toward them with a knife when Van Dyke opened fire. Both of those incidents resulted in criminal charges against the cops—a testament to the power of video to undercut official narratives that in another era would have likely gone unquestioned.

On Tuesday, we saw it happen again, in New York, though this time no one had to die for a criminal indictment to follow. The incident took place in March 2014, when NYPD officer Jonathan Munoz frisked a woman standing outside a restaurant in Washington Heights and then arrested a 21-year-old friend of hers, named Jason Disisto, who tried to film the encounter on a cellphone. Munoz booked Disisto for obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, and in his incident report, wrote that Disisto had lunged at him and tried to punch him.

A few months later, security footage came out showing that Disisto had done nothing of the sort—that while there was a physical confrontation between him and Munoz, it only started after Munoz grabbed him, seemingly in response to Disisto’s decision to film him with a cellphone. At no point, according to the video, did Disisto throw a punch.

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