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It’s a fine time for history geeks with a thing for Alexander Hamilton. A hip-hop-and-history musical called Hamilton — inspired by an 800-page biography — recently opened off-Broadway and is sold out for months. Fans of the man, book or musical can also visit a variety of places connected to Hamilton, from his Harlem home to the New Jersey waterfront where he was shot in a duel.

Don’t know much about the Founding Father pictured on the $10 bill?

Here’s the elevator pitch: Hamilton was a penniless orphan from the Caribbean who was so brilliant — and so good at self-promotion — that he rose through the ranks in the Revolutionary War to become George Washington’s right-hand man. As the first U.S. Treasury Secretary, Hamilton created a modern financial system, funded the national debt, founded a bank and established a mint with the dollar as currency. He defended the Constitution in the Federalist Papers, founded the New York Post and was even involved in a sex scandal, the Reynolds Affair.

Hamilton also had a lifelong rivalry with Aaron Burr, the vice-president under Thomas Jefferson. Burr claimed Hamilton insulted him and challenged him to a duel. Each man fired one shot; Hamilton missed.

Here are some places around Manhattan and New Jersey connected to Hamilton’s life and death.

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