Uptown Poetry: Tales of a Dyckman Princess – My Worthless Virginity


He said,
Shorty come ‘ere!
You ain’t got nothing to fear
And so I did go,
Now I’m under birth control.

Ok… This is how it goes:

I met a guy a while ago
who looked cute and had style
he talked to me all sweet
and all it took was a kiss.
He laid me three months after-
at first it was just laughter,
but, I realized it wasn’t a game
when I got impregnated.
It took three months…
three months and I was down;
big bed,
silk sheets,
candle lights…
Doesn’t it sound nice?
Then guess what he did to me…
He laid me on my back
at first it was so phat!
Then everything got loose
and I got emotionally hurt
It all happened because,
I didn’t know it was a fucking game.
I got tired of giving ass
and all he wanted was that,
so I said,
PEACE! It was good while it lasted
I walked out the door with my head up,
hit the block,
cut the corner,
grabbed the payphone-
with tears running down my face
and that where it ends!

Damn how much I regret this shit!
I’m 14!

Lost my virginity at an early age!

Mercy G ♡

@itsmercysworld (IG/Twitter/Tumblr)


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