Time Travel Tuesdays: Angered by Police Killing, a Neighborhood Erupts | NY Times

Published: July 7, 1992

The Washington Heights Riots of 1992

(Photo: Ric Flores)

A neighborhood’s simmering anger over the fatal shooting of a Washington Heights man by a police officer boiled over last night as scores of people rampaged through a 40-square-block area.

One man died in the violence and at least 15 people were reported injured, as people overturned cars, set fires to at least a half-dozen cars and an abandoned building and threw bottles from windows.

Bands of 50 to 100 people ran through the streets overturning garbage cans, lighting fires and shouting “Killer Cop” and “Justice” in Spanish. By 1:30 this morning, the police said, 11 people had been arrested on charges ranging from arson to disorderly conduct. Although the number of people on the street was decreasing, there were still reports of violence as far south as 135th Street. A police helicopter was struck by gunfire and had to return to its base.

The man who died fell five stories after being pursued across a rooftop at 172d Street and Audubon Avenue by officers who had seen him throwing bottles, the police said. At least four police officers had been injured, none seriously. The man’s friend and his sister gave a sharply different account.

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1992 Washington Heights Riots

After the riots, people of all cultural backgrounds also took to the streets of Washington Heights to call for peace, safety, and justice. (EDLP Archive/Circa 1992)

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