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Henry Santos - Washington Heights - CHALK

Former member of the Bachata super group Aventura, Henry Santos, was Uptown yesterday to announce his collaboration with the CHALK program to fight obesity within the Latino community in New York City and around the United States.

The 2012 winner of Mira Quien Baila, the Spanish language version of Dancing with the Stars, talked with students, parents and teachers at P.S. 18 in Washington Heights about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercising and portion control.

Mr. Santos shared with the audience easy and effective tips that he personally incorporated in his life to get fit and stay fit. After leaving Aventura, Henry Santos made the decision to change his lifestyle completely, losing more than 40 pounds in the process. He stated that he doesn’t believe in completely avoiding Latino food but stressed the importance of an exercise regimen as well as eating appropriate portions.

The collaboration with CHALK includes working with CHALK’s nutrition team to develop healthy additions to the menus of local eateries that have the Henry Santos’ stamp of approval.

Being that our community’s childhood obesity rate is alarmingly higher than the citywide average, Henry Santos teaming up with CHALK is a much-needed step in the right direction.

CHALK (Choosing Healthy & Active Lifestyles for KidsTM) is a childhood obesity prevention program geared toward the community of Northern Manhattan, which includes a focus on promoting healthy lifestyle messages in the community, restaurants and in schools. PS 18 is one of CHALK’s partner schools and will help launch this joint obesity prevention effort. In addition, CHALK also collaborates with several local mom-and-pop establishments.

Check out: http://chalkcenter.org/

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