Uptown Video: Dyckman City Gangsters

The always-informative Cole Thompson of My Inwood found this newsreel of the shootout that took place between gangsters and police on the Dyckman Strip back in 1931. Please check out the link below to read Cole Thompson’s gripping account of the shooting.

Gangsters on the Dyckman Strip


1931 Shootout on Dyckman Street, Acme Newspictures. (Note Loews Inwood theater in background)


History of Inwood Station, The Northernmost Post Office in Manhattan | My Inwood

The Incredibly Spectacular Dyckman Fireworks Co.

The Washington Heights Riots of 1992 Remembered – Part 1

The Washington Heights Riots of 1992 Remembered – Part 2

Long Ago, a Pilot Landed on an Uptown Street. That’s Where the Bar Was. | NY Times

Historic Inwood: “Goodbye to Glocamorra” (1968)

Postcards from the Edge | My Inwood

Historic Inwood – The Dyckman Oval

Historic Inwood – The Seaman Drake Arch

Heights History – Hilltop Park

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