4/27/14: Palace of the Apes – King Kong Comes Uptown

(Art: Empire State Building by Justin VanGenderen)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

4pm doors; 5pm stage show; 5:30pm movie


“King Kong ain’t got expletive on me,” are the famous words of corrupt cop Alonzo Harris, played by Denzel Washington, from the film Training Day. Well, sir you are wrong. On April 27th, the 4th installment of Sunday Movies at the Palace with Lin-Manuel Miranda features the original King Kong from 1933 with an introduction by legendary filmmaker John Landis, the director of Animal House, The Blues Brothers, An American Werewolf in London, Trading Places, Coming to America and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The cherry on top is that entry to this next-generation movie experience is absolutely free. So there Alonzo Harris…

For more info: Free screening of “King Kong” with legendary filmmaker John Landis and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The video below on the history of the United Palace comes to us courtesy of Channel Thirteen.


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