Once a Funeral Home, Inwood Pharmacy Now a Gathering Place | WSJ

BY Richard Morgan

Dichter Pharmacy - Wall Street Journal

The exterior of the Dichter Pharmacy in Inwood. (Photo: Craig Warga | Wall Street Journal)

A former funeral home in Inwood is now a place where Girl Scouts hold their meetings, preschoolers play and artists display their works.

Manny Ramirez reopened his Dichter Pharmacy in the old mortuary almost a year ago after a 2012 fire destroyed the business, which has operated in the neighborhood in some form since 1923. The new address is 4953 Broadway near West 207th Street, just feet from where it had been.

With the extra space, Mr. Ramirez opened a soda fountain in the pharmacy and decided to use the basement—formerly an embalming room—to host community events free of charge.

“It’s like Smallville here,” said Mr. Ramirez, who went to grade school around the corner and has owned the store since 2007. “It’s exciting. It’s the fulfillment of a community.”

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