The Best of the Boogie Down: The Clock Bar

The Most Welcoming Fine Dining Experience in the Boogie Down

BY Jenni Ruiza (@RuizaJenni)

The cool autumn breeze is upon you and you’re looking for the spot to chill at with the crew. Look no further! Located in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx, The Clock Bar is one of the Boogie Down’s finest casual dining experiences. Voted one of the top Winter Bars by Time Out New York, The Clock Bar boasts a menu peppered with everything from Shrimp Po’ Boy sandwiches to pulled pork tacos, Scottish Salmon to sautéed shrimp and grits. With a taste of the South, inspired by Latin and classic American favorites, this restaurant has something that everyone can enjoy (there’s even a vegan steak dish!) and with their share plates, there’s no excuse not to order a variety of different dishes so you don’t end up missing out on what looks to be some of the most creative dishes I’ve seen on a menu in a while. Not only is their lunch and dinner menu amazing but their brunch offers a selection that is to die for (thick cut French toast and grilled country ham with a Fontina cheese sandwich? HELL YES!)

Finally, The Clock Bar’s selection of blended unique and traditional drinks are enough to reel you in for an entire night of what could end up being the best dining experiences the Boogie Down has ever heard of. Don’t believe me? Go visit for yourself! In the meantime, take a little time with me as I spoke with Michael Brady, the general manager at The Clock Bar.

Q: What inspired the idea to have The Clock Bar in the Bronx?

A: The Clock Bar was designed to give people uptown a reason to not have to venture downtown. We have always known the Bronx to be a cool place; full of culture, art, great architecture, and a vibrant socially minded community–we wanted to share that experience with NYC. At the heart of what we do is giving people a destination to visit, while embracing our community’s roots and history.

Q: Tell us about the theme of The Clock Bar and what went behind the beautifully rustic designs of the establishment.

A: The Clock Bar is designed to be comfortable. Everything from our music, to our Edison lighting, to antique chandeliers, and fixtures is meant to invoke comfort and sexiness. Our mantra is everyone who walks through our doors is like a guest in our home attending a great cocktail party–they are our reason for being and the most important element of our establishment.

Q: What are some favorite dishes and drinks that customers like to order?

A: Share dishes are wildly popular as we fuse New American cuisine with a reflection on our South Bronx community through the use of Latin, African American, and classic New York inspirations. Whether you are here to enjoy a cocktail paired with homemade pulled pork tacos, or here for an extraordinary dinner with our 6-hour Maple Braised short rib or Shrimp and Cheddar Grits, the guest experience is the key to our success.

Q: It’s rare to find such a clean and classic restaurant in the Bronx, much less one that offers such a distinct menu. What do you hope to achieve by having The Clock Bar in the Bronx?

A: We like that we are a rare diamond in the South Bronx. We hope that our success will spur future growth in our neighborhood, and afford the Bronx a downtown experience uptown–with the flair and flavor of The Bronx’s distinct and vibrant community.

Q: With 2014 upon us, what are some things patrons of the restaurant and those who are looking to venture to it look forward to?

A: We have a lot of projects in the offing. But we are looking forward to future ventures that will continue to build on the model that we have established at The Clock.  Currently, we are honing our menu for the autumn and winter, executing on a long-planned expansion to help keep up with our rapid growth, and also planning on other ventures that will propel the growth of our neighborhood.

Q: Any last words for the readers of Uptown Collective?

A: Every person who walks through the doors of The Clock shapes it’s being and becomes a fabric of who we are and what we do. We value the community that we live in and want to grow and embrace the cultural and communal experiences of the neighborhood. We hope to see you soon, because a great meal, like a great life — it is all about the experience.

The Clock Bar is located on 112 Lincoln Avenue in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx. For more information, visit or

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