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Skater on 145th Street Train Station - Allen Ying

(Photo: Allen Ying)

The skater grinds across the traffic barrier, undeterred by the surveillance cameras around him, or the fact that his stunt may be illegal, performed near an entrance to a United Nations garage in broad daylight. Elsewhere, a skater floats from one Midtown rooftop to another. Another rider uses a moving subway car as his personal skate park.

The skateboarding photographer Allen Ying captures such scenes, casting an artistic light on this distinctly urban activity. He publishes them in an annual magazine of skateboard photography he edits called 43 (an old name for a skateboard trick now known as a frontside no comply). Mr. Ying, 30, gained some public attention this year when the image he took of a skater flying over subway tracks at the 145th Street station went viral.

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