Dyckman Beer Company Hopes to Put Uptown on the Brewery Map | DNAinfo

By Nigel Chiwaya  @seenigel

The Dyckman Beer Company will begin selling beers exclusively in uptown neighborhoods and in The Bronx this summer.

NORTHERN MANHATTAN — A new uptown brewery is joining the city’s crowded beer market.

The Dyckman Beer Company is coming this summer to Dyckman Street, long a major player for restaurants and nightclubs.

Founded last fall, the brewery has been operating in stealth mode over the past few months. But with the official launch a little more than a month away, owner Juan Camilo sat down with DNAinfo New York and took the wraps off his ambitious play to give uptown beer representation.

“I think it’s time everyone starts to know,” Camilo, 27, said. “It’s a new-generation beer.”

The company’s flagship beer is the Dyckman Brew, a pilsner that will be available year-round and is comparable to a Stella Artois or Presidente, Camilo said. Next year the company will add the Highbridge Summer Ale, which is infused with cherries, vanilla and a hint of mint, and the wine-barrel fermented Epoca.

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