The Best of the Boogie Down: The Garage Bar & Lounge

The Garage Bar & Lounge Knows How To Throw A Party

BY Jenni Ruiza (@RuizaJenni)

What does it take to be a successful business manager for over a decade? Ask Greg Pinnock, manager of The Garage Bar and Lounge located in the Eastchester section of the boogie down! It takes a successful team of people, bartenders, wait staff, security, and co-owners alike to run like a well-oiled machine the way The Garage does. I’ve known Pinnock since my bartending days at a popular Bronx club and his business ethics are some of the strongest I’ve seen in his field. The Garage Bar and Lounge is a premiere spot that transforms from an underground basement party to an exclusive downtown atmosphere complete with VIP booths, drink specials, and some of the flyest bartenders you’ll ever meet.

A busy man, indeed, Pinnock took some time to discuss his successful establishment, partnership, and some of the celebrities that have come through his spot.

Q: As a successful lounge proprietor for several years, what is the greatest challenge for creating an upscale venue in the Bronx that remains successful?

A. I wouldn’t really call it a challenge; you just need to know your patrons and cater to those who appreciate what you have to offer to the community and want you to succeed and be successful as we do.

Q: What kind of crowd do you cater to?

A. We cater to everyone (21 and over that is), but our crowd consists mainly of West Indians. We also cater to those who would like to have a kids’ parties, baby showers or any little family function.

Q: What sets The Garage apart from other venues in the Bronx?

A. We don’t necessarily aim to set ourselves apart from other venues, we just want a place that people will want to come back to and talk about in a positive way.

Q: What’s in store for the future of The Garage?

A. Only good things!

Q: Tell us about your team – some people you’ve had working for you for quite some time and your business partner, Peewee – what is your personal recipe for a solid work ethic?

A. I must say the staff at The Garage has become somewhat of an extended family, the bartenders right down to the clean up guy! We all pitch in to make The Garage what it is. …as for my business partner it’s all about communication and we have that and we both want the same thing out of this business.

Q: Name some of the most famous guests who’ve been at The Garage.

A. We’ve had up and coming reality stars to Reggae artist like Baby Cham and Beenie Man pass through The Garage.

Modest and to the point, Pinnock has a successful venue on his hands and anyone who has been a part of his journey knows just how entertaining his parties are. Best known for how amazing the crowds he drew for his previous lounge, Karma, he is guaranteed to turn The Bronx around for some of the most talked-about parties the Boogie Down will ever have. The Garage and Lounge is also getting attention from the entertainment business, where two films have shot there because of its massive size. One thing is certain, if you have yet to visit The Garage – you’ll want to make it a priority. This venue caters to all types of audiences – playing the best of R&B, hip-hop, pop, and reggae; there truly is something for everyone!

The Garage Bar and Lounge is located on 2260 Tillotson Avenue. Find out more about The Garage and their upcoming events at:

Find out more about Bronx contributor, Jenni Ruiza, at Follow her on Twitter@RuizaJenni.


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