#WHINIII – The Social Media Edition

Had a great time performing tonight #WHINbyanymeans3 #whin3Shout out to every single act who stepped on stage.
Karen Rodriguez

@ killed it tonight !! She's fantastic !!
Ludwin Federo
S/o to whole uptown with so much talent Washington heights we all fucking here! #whin3
WHIN By Any Means III Negro Claro broke records tonight. Epic.
S/O to all my uptown nggas showing hella luv this whin III is crack
The whole barbershop talking about WHIN III shit is real @
It's crazy here at #NegroClaro for the WHIN EVENT! supporting as usual the @ team! New Hats… http://t.co/NsVHw000UI
Eztilo HBIC
S/o to all the women that did their thing at the #whinbyanymeans event tonight🙌 #GirlPower
Talisha Liburd
People from as far out as Long Island are hitting me up about #WHIN tonight!!! #WashingtonHeights better… http://t.co/sq1JIlw5mb
Rob IoD
Not even 8pm yet and @ is crazy!!! WHIN lll, bitches!
Emily Griggs
#rp from the OG @ .. themachineny on the stage at @ 3!! Thanks to the whin committee… http://t.co/uKySMT38mW
@ OVERPACKED!!!!! Shout to #WHIN DAMN Uptown Uptown Uptown @ http://t.co/CcNUApUOJt
@ is behind the scenes with the most exclusive interviews. It's all love over here WHIN 3 it's a movement PAY ATTENTION!!!
Ms. Entertainment
Might have to make an appearance Tonight at the #WHIN Concert Tonight and Show Love to the Homies! #UptownBaby
Rey Diddy/ ProbusNYC
Good times at the whin concert s/0 to @
@ was CRAZY !!! S/O TEAM HOT. THAT NIGGA @ killed that shit. @ bodied that shit… http://t.co/L78tN4pqAB
Wow mimms was @ last night that song that him and my bro @ have together 🔥🔥🔥
Me My Self & I
Ayo Big Ups @ @ it was fuvcking wavvvvy last night #MOVIE #WHiNIII #OFFIcial
Same amount of ppl inside same amount of ppl outside sorry not all could make it in. @ Negro Claro Lounge http://t.co/Id2ISHygab
Euridicis Bonilla


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