Limited Engagement: Growing Up Gonzalez

Growing Up Gonzalez

309  E. 108TH STREET
(between   1st   and   2nd   ave.)

Monday – Saturday 10AM TO 7PM

Growing Up Gonzales is a dramatic comedy in two acts.

When Johnny Gonzales is forced to clean out the apartment of his recently deceased younger brother Cisco he discovers a treasure chest of private, personal notes left behind by his younger brother. The notes are pages and pages of events that happened in the past. They represent Cisco’s innocent interpretation of love, life and everything in between.

Johnny is a tough Nuyorican who lives life as best as he can. He has no regrets up to this point and would do just about anything to survive. When their Papi died early in their childhood Johnny was determined to make a man out of his very quiet and very shy brother.

Cisco was Johnny’s opposite. Cisco was a loner, an eerily quiet young man who in spite of his aloneness was always happy and delighted to be around his brother. Cisco’s innocence penetrated the world in spite of the insanity that surrounded him.

Growing Up Gonzales is a play about brotherly love and the healing power of saying goodbye.

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