NYPD Paints Over Inwood Mural Calling Cops “Murderers” | NBC New York

Two NYPD officers painted over a mural in Inwood of the word “Murderers,” decorated with coffins and tombstones, in which one of the coffins was labeled “NYPD,” authorities said Wednesday.

The owner of New Edition Cleaners, on Broadway, where the mural was painted, said she gave the graffiti artist, Alan Ket, permission to paint there, according to DNAinfo. On Tuesday, five days after the mural was completed, two police officers painted over the entire thing.

Read more: NYPD Paints Over Inwood Mural Calling Cops “Murderers” | NBC New York.

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Cops Paint Over Inwood Mural That Depicts NYPD as ‘Murderers’ – DNAinfo.com New York.

Uptown Artist – Ket

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2 Responses to “NYPD Paints Over Inwood Mural Calling Cops “Murderers” | NBC New York”

  1. Funny that from 1940 to 1970 when I grew up in Inwood we respected the police and to say there was little crime is a fact. When Dominicans came in crime and drugs were the order of the day. Don’t blame poverty because none of us were in any way rich but we worked hard and kept our beloved Inwood clean and safe. When will you admit that in order to be safe you have to clean up your own people. So many beautiful neighborhoods were destroyed and all I can say is you better thank the police for stopping you all from killing yourselves and making what is bad worse.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Patricia but I must admit I am taken aback by your flippant remarks that amount to Dominicans are all animals. My parents were just as hardworking as yours and they did their best to raise their children in a hostile environment. The Crack epidemic was bigger than Dominicans and would have affected any ethnic group the same way. Dominicans were the reason that Washington Heights did not go the way of the South Bronx. I don’t expect you to believe me as you seem to have your mind all made up but I am currently proofing a book about the history of the neighborhood by an esteemed historian that validates my position.


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