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Venus X has previously described DJing as a kind of witchcraft, but on the day I meet her she seems more goddess than witch. The kind of goddess, that is, who’s fallen to Earth by way of a Bollywood film set, 90s hip-hop video and cyberpunk convention. She’s wearing tight jeans, high tops and a bomber jacket, an outfit set off by bright cobalt blue lips, an ornate gold nose-to-ear chain and a smile that can only be described as beatific.

The 25-year-old, who’s now paying the bills by playing art parties, fashion shows and, most recently, touring with Gang Gang Dance, made a name for herself with Ghe20 Goth1k, an underground party begun in 2009 with her friend Shayne Oliver, a fashion designer. They put it on wherever they could, usually in warehouses around the Lower East Side and Brooklyn. As with every too-brief New York scene, it seems more talked about now than it ever was then.

“When it was happening nobody paid it any attention!” she laughs. Not strictly true. She may not have fielded as many press requests back then, nor was she getting booked by the likes of Damien Hirst and Terry Richardson, but the parties weren’t exactly under-attended. Ghe20 Goth1k rapidly grew from a smallish “very weird mixed Brooklyn crowd of crazy people” to a catholic clientele of “skaters, punks, drag queens, radical black lesbians, young gay people, art-school kids, the art crowd, the urban, streetwear scene, pop stars, fashion people…”

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