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Photo: Viorel Florescu | NY Daily News Director Led Black gets a haircut as partner Jonathan Ullman looks on. The barber, Magda (Fatyul) Genoa, says she used to serve clients the illicit street drink called “nutcracker.”

It’s the modern-day moonshine of upper Manhattan, and a group of local filmmakers wants to be the first to tell its story.

And they’re not holding anything back.

The “nutcracker,” a popular and potent alcohol-laced fruit drink, has for more than two decades delivered a powerful punch to those who dare sip it.

But the history and origins of the street drink have remained largely untold.

Leo Fuentes and Jonathan Ullman, the film directors, hope to dispel the myths surrounding the drink and set the record straight in their documentary, titled “Nutcracker Inc.,” which they just started shooting this week.

Fuentes still remembers the first time he tried the nutcracker, while getting his hair cut at a St. Nicholas Ave. barber shop in Washington Heights in 2001. He said the haircut took more than a hour because customers kept flooding the shop to buy the drinks.

“You have one of them and you’re like, wow!” said Fuentes, who began delving into the history of the the vodka-laced fruit drink three years ago on his blog,

Fuentes, also known as Led Black, has teamed with Ullman in an attempt to provide a history of the drink and assess its impact on the place where nutcracker has thrived the most: Washington Heights.

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